SMNOF comes to an end. Thank you for your support!

To our supporters and the SMN community,

We’d like to express that our journey has come to an end. SMNOF started around 2008 by a group of SMN alumni, teachers, and friends who believed that education should remain accessible to all students regardless of their family’s economic status. With the increasing costs of supplies, course materials, textbook rentals, and sports equipment, families were kept from enrolling their children in extracurricular activities and we believed that we could do something about it.

Looking back, we are proud of the students who achieved academic success through the funds that SMNOF contributed and we could not have done it without the help from North staff, alumni, and our volunteers. The good news is that while our journey may have come to an end, the North community as a whole continues to give and support the dreams of all students.

If you wish to continue to support North students, you can contribute by attending games, donating supplies and food for their food pantry, and making personal contributions directly to the school.

Thank you all for your support. Go North!

– Jarrett Bertoncin, President
– Mickey Schultz, Treasurer and VP
– Maureen Davis, Secretary
– Melissa Arroyo, Communications
– Melanie Arroyo, Outreach

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